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Clos Apalta Magnum 2014



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Type De Vin: Vin rouge
Millésime: 2014 Autres millésimes
Appellation:Colchagua Valley (Rapel Valley, Chili)
Domaine: Clos Apalta
Contenance: 150cl Autre contenance
Cépages: Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Petit Verdot, Syrah
Allergènes: Contient des sulfites
Clos Apalta Magnum 2014 (285,00€) est un vin rouge de l'appellation Colchagua Valley des caves Clos Apalta dont la sélection contient syrah, petit verdot, carménère et cabernet sauvignon de la vendange 2014. Un vin valorisé 3 points sur 5 selon les utilisateurs de Drinks&Co et les guides et revues professionnelles l'ont évalué avec note robert parker: 100.

Description de Clos Apalta Magnum 2014

Clos Apalta Magnum 2014 (Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Petit Verdot et Syrah)

DÉGUSTATION DE Clos Apalta Magnum 2014:

  • Vue: Clos Apalta 2014 est violet foncé couleur rouge.
  • Nez: Nez intense et complexe. Avec différentes couches d'arômes tels que les épices, les fruits rouges et noirs, des herbes et des minéraux crayon de touches.
  • Palate: équilibre élégant avec des tanins veloutés et bien définis, qui évoluent vers un milieu de bouche concentré qui est rempli avec des tanins juteux fait suite à une très longue persistance.

RAISIN: 71% Carmenère, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot 11%.

BODEGA: Clos Apalta Maison

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In general, winter in 2012 was dry and cold in Apalta, except in June which showed higher temperatures and was also humid
The springtime rains where average
All rains where concentrated in October
Summer was colder and more humid than the historic data
During December, rains of 68.1 mm at Apalta made it the wettest in the last 10 years
These rains supplied our water reserves and allowed the grapevines to develop without the necessity of extra summer irrigation
Only February brought back normal recorded temperatures
The ripening process occurred slowly but, it was very balanced
Fall and march brought normal conditions
Regarding the temperatures, April was going well only the maxima were lower
The grape lost early its vegetal flavors and was technically ready to make wine, but we had to wait for the aromatic and phenolic ripeness
The ripening was going slowly, because of the fall characteristics: lower temperatures, shorter days, more clouds
So it was very important to be on top of the maturity records and then harvesting quickly considering the risk of rain.
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This 2012 vintage started with a hot and dry spring, followed by a sunny summer with cold nights that gave us big thermal amplitude, a key factor for quality., No rain was recorded during this harvest season, and high temperatures during the summer and fall resulted in earlier than normal ripening and harvest
Concerning the temperatures in spring, september was exceptionally hot
It was a small summer in the middle of the spring
October and november were just a little bit warmer and permitted a nice flowering of our grapevines
Summer started warmer than usual in december
However cool nights refreshed the ambient, raised air humidity, producing more color in the berries and preserve their natural acidity
The ripeness came, earlier than usual
We harvested the red varieties 3 weeks earlier to achieve the right level of ripeness.
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•100% Hand-harvested in small baskets from our old vines
•100% hand de-stemmed in our Clos Apalta Winery
•100% Wild yeast fermentation
Skin contact up to 5 weeks
•Not fined, cold stabilized or filtered
•100% Aged for 24 months in news French oak barrels.
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